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Osteopathy and pregnancy 

Osteopathy and pregnancy

Having a baby is a special and exciting experience. Over the course of 9 months the female body undergoes significant physical and hormonal changes that affect how your whole body functions.

As the baby grows your posture will adapt and your centre of gravity shifts forwards. Your ligaments, muscles and joints adjust and stretch to accommodate these changes and keep you upright. A hormone called Relaxin also increases the elasticity of your ligaments during pregnancy. 

It is common for aches and pains to occur while your body is adapting to the postural changes associated with pregnancy. Many expectant Mums experience back pain and pelvic pain in the later trimesters, you might start to find everyday tasks such as sitting, walking and climbing stairs become uncomfortable. 

Osteopathy is a gentle practice that works to balance any alignment issues, improve joint mobility and ease tight muscles; ultimately relieving pain and tensions.
Osteopathic treatment is perfectly safe for both mother and baby during pregnancy. In fact, research suggests that osteopathic care during pregnancy may lead to improved outcomes in labour and delivery. A postnatal check-up after your baby arrives may also help you to recover from the birth.

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