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Osteopathy for babies and children 

Osteopathy is a calming holistic treatment that is suitable for young children of any age. Tension and strain can build up during pregnancy and labour which can sometimes have an ongoing impact on a child’s health and wellbeing.

As babies and young children naturally find it difficult to communicate what they are feeling; signs of discomfort can include facial expressions, crying, disturbed sleep, behaviour and movement patterns. You may notice difficulties with digestion, their ability to relax or move in certain directions. An osteopath can assess areas of tension and gently work to
rebalance these in a natural and risk-free way.

Osteopathic treatment for babies is very subtle, it usually includes very light massage and gentle encouragement of movement through tense muscles, joints and other soft tissues; we also work to support the flow of fluid and energy around baby’s body to help them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

We can also provide advice and sometimes home exercises to support the treatment after your appointment. No worry is too small, if you would simply like to bring your little one in to have a check over over and a chat, you’re always welcome.


Please don’t be concerned if your baby is noisy or your toddler won’t sit still during an appointment, we’re used to it and always allow extra time for feeding / nappy changing / playing / Netflix to keep the space worry free as possible.


Osteopathy can sometimes disturb sleeping, feeding and other behaviour patterns for up to 3 days after a treatment, this is normal and usually settles down again but please feel free to get in touch with your osteopath if you have any questions or concerns.

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Osteopathy for babies in Nottingham
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