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  1. what is Osteoarthritis

  2. who does it affect,which joints?

  3. symptoms

  4. prognosis

  5. NICE guidelines

  6.  how does osteopathy help

Joint help, decompression of irritation and worn joint surfaces. 

Build muscular strength and edurance to support the affected joints

Return to the daily acivities and hobbies that you love with as little pain as possible. 

Also here to guide and support you when making decisions about the next stage of tratment options such as steroid injections and knee replacement surgeries. 

Also advised to see your osteopathy for a check-up following knee surgery so we can work together to ensurea strong and speedy


Our Osteopaths are highly qualified, have a wealth of experience and understand that there are many systems that influence how your body functions. We not only provide symptomatic relief, but also address the underlying causes of your injury, as well as preventing any further re-occurrence by treating the whole body (holistically).

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