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Osteopathy is a hands on form of physial therapy that helps to reduce pain and improve movement


Osteopathic treatment generally includes soft tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation and spinal manipulation where appropriate. This refers to a variety of techniques often used by osteopaths and chiropractors in which a low amplitude thrust is directed through a joint with the objective to improve mobility and reduce pain. Often an audible pop may be heard when carrying out this technique, similar to clicking your knuckles.

Cranial Osteopathy




Massage therapy available in Burton Joyce, Nottingham
Soft tissue massage 


The application of gentle pressure and stretch to soft tissues including muscles, tendons and connective tissues such as fascia, depth and pressure may vary. The aims of this technique are to improve circulation, increase lymphatic drainage and to reduce muscle tone or spasm.


Ultimately this promotes tissue healing, improves muscle strength, joint mobility and reduces pain. 

Kinesio Tape Nottingham available at Burton Joyce Osteopathy. Great for muscle strains and sports injury
Kinesio Taping
K-tape has a microscopic lifting effect when applied to the skin, allowing improved blood flow and neurological input to the affected area. It also works to reduce pain, swelling, muscular fatigue and to correct postural dysfunctions.

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